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Need Gift Ideas? Try Out These Gadgets!

Need Gift Ideas? Try Out These Gadgets!

The holidays are getting closer, and picking the right gift for someone is only becoming a more stressful activity. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve found some gadgets that might make the perfect gift for that person on your list who has a particular interest. This blog will go over some of these interests and the gifts that might make their holiday.

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3 New Gadgets For 2016 That You’re Gonna Want [VIDEO]

b2ap3_thumbnail_2016_gadgets_400.jpgWith technology being so important in the modern office, there are thousands of gadgets produced each year that are designed to work with existing technology to deliver marginal-to-significant increases to an individual’s productivity. Each year, many of these gadgets fail in some way or fall out of public consciousness quickly, becoming nothing but the answer to a trivia question a decade from now at your favorite watering hole.

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4 Holiday Tech Gifts for 2014

b2ap3_thumbnail_2014_gifts_400.jpgThe holidays are again upon us and if you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite business professional, you don’t have to look too far. There are more consumer electronics available today than ever before, and most of them have some sort of novelty attached to them. We have made a list of four gifts that are not only cool, they serve a practical purpose and will probably avoid being re-gifted or recycled.

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5 Essential Questions to Ask When Buying Mobile Devices for Your Business

Remember back when buying mobile devices for your business meant choosing between a handful of laptops? Thanks to the increased proliferation of devices like smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and the development new hybrid models, it's become quite the task to pick out the right make and model. Here are five questions to consider when picking out mobile devices for your organization.

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What’s Up with Google Glass?

Every once ina while, a radical piece of technology is introduced to the market that has the potential to change everything. Over the last half century alone, digital music, cell phones, GPS technology, PCs, and much more hit the market and changed the way technology is incorporated into our daily lives and workplaces. Is Google Glass the next revolutionary gadget?

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How the New iPhone 5s and 5c Can Simplify Your Workday

You have probably already heard about Apple Inc.'s latest iPhone innovations; exciting new products that have the potential of revolutionizing your business workday. The two new models of iPhone will come with the opportunity to simplify tasks, be better organized, and have more fun with your daily routine!

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Let's Talk Tablets

Tablets are definitely becoming a staple in the consumer electronics world. For the longest time, the tablet PC was an expensive, clunky device that just didn't wow consumers. Some businesses had adopted tablets back in the day, but they were difficult to use, hard to support, and they simply didn't perform for the price tag. However, like many consumer electronics, Apple reinvigorated the tablet market with the original iPad, and now it would seem tablets are here to stay. The question is, are they right for businesses?

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Now is the Time to Get Your Business a Mobile App

The consumer adaptation of mobile devices continues to skyrocket. In America, there is a 46% ownership rate of smartphones among adults, this according to Pew Research. Tablets are also a booming market, projected to sell 1.2 billion units in 2013. If your business is not taking advantage of this trend, then you may be missing out on a golden opportunity.

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What’s so Great about BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), is changing the look and feel of the modern office. As the ownership rate of mobile devices among American adults creeps closer to reaching 50%, more gadgets are showing up around the office, and they are being used to get work done! If you have yet to embrace BYOD in your office, then you will want consider these 3 advantages.

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Hello Computer

Every generation improves the technology of the previous generation. Sometimes technology can improve at such a rapid rate that it can make other technologies obsolete. It takes a bit of know how to determine which technologies will last and which ones are just fads. We are here to help you make sense of all of these rapid changes.


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3 Benefits of a Tablet for the Office

Many tech-savvy professionals have labeled tablets merely "content consumption" devices. This may have been true initially, but now with the productivity applications that have been developed using cloud computing, tablets can now be used to do more than just watch videos and surf the web. In this respect, the mobile computing revolution has finally made it to the workplace. Employers and employees alike are beginning to utilize mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as a compliment to their standard office technology to improve productivity.

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Collect So You Don’t Pay

Every enterprise, whether it is a successful one or not, has to deal with its fair share of adversity. One of the most rampant difficulties a business is forced to deal with is the necessary ability to secure prompt payment for the goods and services it provides its customers. For small and medium-sized businesses, or even one-man bands, they likely do not have the deep pockets many larger organizations have. Not being able to timely collect income can make sustaining business operations all but impossible. With remote payment applications that are now available for mobile devices, collecting crucial revenue at a mobile point-of-sale is making collecting that is money easier.

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Does Size Matter? Velocity Micro Gains an Edge with its Mini PC

If you are in the market to buy the smallest PC possible, that is also fully operational, then you will want to check out the new Edge Mini by Velocity Micro. Boasting a compact size of 1.6 inches thick, and with a length and width that is 4 by 4 inches, Velocity Micro may be well within their legal right to market the Edge Mini as, "The world's smallest desktop."

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. The iPhone 5

The smartphone market is possibly the most competitive in computing. It's no secret that Apple and Samsung are competitors. Earlier this year in California, a federal jury sided with Apple in a ruling that found Samsung infringed on software and design patents. When the two aren't duking it out in court, they are battling in the marketplace.

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Scan Papers on the Go with Doxie

Everybody wants to go paperless, but few people actually want to sit in front of their PC for hours scanning piles of paperwork. If scanning papers was more convenient, then surely more people would go paperless, this is the logic behind the Doxie scanner. Doxie is a portable scanning solution that lets you scan anything from anywhere.

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No Cord Needed: Charge Your iPhone With ChargeCard

With the holiday season upon us, there is no better time to than the present for tech savvy consumers to find the hottest new technology. The ChargeCard may just be that. Cords can be inconvenient, mobile device cases do not have room for your charging cord, and cords do not fit inside pockets very well. You may even have to carry a bag just for your cord. A new product called ChargeCard takes care of this issue by allowing you to charge your iPhone with a card that fits inside your wallet.

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Never Again Lose Anything with StickNFind

Is there no problem that technology cannot solve? It seems like anything is possible with new technology advancements like StickNFind. Available in March 2013, StickNFind uses a Bluetooth sticker and your smartphone with a radar-like interface to help you find anything. Finally technology has helped man answer his most pressing question, "Where's the remote?"

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iTwin: A Hardware Solution for File Sharing

With computing becoming increasing mobile, software companies have begun to roll out all kinds of file sharing options. There have been many of these file sharing options made available to consumers and companies alike, with most adhering to the freemium business model. Google (Drive), Apple (iCloud), and Microsoft (SkyDrive), and countless others have released file sharing and collaboration software via the cloud and while these services are great if you want to share small files like documents or playlists, when you need to share large files or a large quantity of files, these solutions quickly become expensive.

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Desktop + Tablet = Sony Vaio Tap 20

The recent tile interface overhaul of Windows 8 is groundbreaking enough to spawn entirely new computer designs and devices. The Windows 8 interface makes a desktop PC feel more like a mobile tablet, therefore Sony took the next step and combined a tablet and a desktop with the Vaio Tap 20.

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Stow and Move your Gadgets with GRID-IT

Need a handy way to pack and migrate all of your cables, peripherals, and other must-have devices when traveling? Check out the GRID-IT system - designed to keep your stuff organized and held in place.
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