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TS Tech Brings Harcum College to the Digital Age

TS Tech Brings Harcum College to the Digital Age

The Challenge

Harcum College’s Dental program was suffering from reduced enrollment and graduating students were giving feedback that the schools program did not help prepare them for the Digital Age of Dentistry. School administration held interviews of all local Information Technology Service Providers and TS Tech was selected to help address the following challenges:

  1. Partner with Harcum College to build a plan for modernizing the dental hygiene schools facilities.
  2. Coordinate with the internal college IT team who did not have the expertise to take on the Dental Schools project but ultimately will need to be involved in the future.
  3. Assist Harcum in evaluating and selecting Dental Management and Xray software systems.
  4. Plan, order, configure and implement new computer and server equipment to facilitate the technological growth the department needed to a paperless Dental Clinic.
  5. Assist the school with navigating the complexities of operating a paperless Dental Clinic including navigating HIPAA and implementing new training tools to enhance the classroom experience.


“It’s a big step forward for us. It’s something we couldn’t have done without TS Tech.”
- Jean Byrnes-Ziegler, Program Director

The Selection

Harcum College’s Dental Hygiene program saw a need to renovate the Dental Hygiene department’s IT infrastructure to modern technology that would unify the operations between two on-campus facilities.

A panel made up of the dental hygiene department’s administrators and the college’s IT administrators took several competing bids from contractors. TS Tech won the bid by designing a proposal that would allow the project to meet the college’s specifications and be cost efficient. “We are not just a college. We are a functioning clinical facility,” Dental Hygiene Program Director Jane Byrnes-Ziegler said. “We have 16 chairs, plus three radiology areas, and 20 faculty members, so we needed someone in there to understand how this project could be managed properly and smoothly.”

The Solution

TS Tech completed the first steps of assisting Harcum by completing a comprehensive consulting assessment that identified the organizational goals, team participants, challenges, obstacles, and a general assessment of the general software landscape of tools and programs available to Dental Schools.

After reviewing TS Tech’s assessment findings, TS Tech and Harcum agreed to embark on the renovation in a phased approach that would enable the school to implement technology as they grew into the new operation and developed corresponding training. This phased approach also enabled the college to secure the funding necessary to complete the renovation in a multiple year project.

This endeavor started by installing a base network, server, and workstation infrastructure in the Hygiene building, while removing parts of their current IT infrastructure and consolidating others. TS Tech also made plans to implement Dentrix Core Practice Management software, Dexis dental imaging software, and a 2D Gendex Panoramic X-ray Unit.

The Results

TS Tech’s engagement with Harcum College’s Dental Hygiene department has enabled the school to implement advanced information technology systems that rival technology in use by modern practices. The new equipment and adjustments to the training curriculum contemporize the students education and help prepare graduates for positions in a modern Dental office. TS Tech’s proficiency in finding and implementing viable and practical solutions gave the Dental Hygiene Department the tools to be successful and proficient. As a result of TS Tech’s professional technology implementation solutions, Harcum College has been able to turn the antiquated non-computerized training program and walk-in clinic into a facility that is equipped with all the technology one would find at a professional dental practice and state of the art college. These advanced technology solutions will allow the department’s faculty to better represent scenarios students will experience in the field, creating more knowledgeable and industry-ready dental hygienists.

TS Tech also provided the college room for departmental growth. By rewiring the Hygiene building and strategically placing computers in locations that best work for the department, faculty will have enhanced multimedia capabilities available to help them provide the education their students need to successfully complete the dental hygiene curriculum.

Key Benefits

  • TS Tech’s initial in depth assessment of the schools needs and goals set the project up for success by focusing on a complete solution designed to help Harcum Dental Hygiene implement sophisticated technology to rival competing schools and attract more students.
  • TS Tech’s solution involved end to end consulting, training, technology products, and ongoing management for security, backup, updates and end user support needs all tailored specifically for Harcum’s growing needs.
  • TS Tech’s extensive knowledge of HIPAA, Computer Security and Dental Office Operations enabled Harcum to rapidly implement a complex project that was out of reach for the internal campus IT staff

Technology Involved

In addition to the educational components of the project, Harcum now has in place equipment prepared to evolve with the college over a five year projected lifespan as their growing needs demand. A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery system in place locally and in the cloud provide the department with the data redundancy that is essential if a component of their infrastructure fails. Enterprise grade security solutions protect the Protected Health Information through a layered approach. Ongoing management solutions watch for problems and deliver updates and maintenance to keep the College at peak efficiency.

Dell Servers, Workstations, Sonicwall Firewall, Switch Gear
Storagecraft Workstation & Server Backup
Microsoft Windows Server
Symantec Antivirus
TS Tech Totalcare Management Service

Software: Dentrix, Dexis, Gendex

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