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TS Tech has been serving the Wyomissing area since 1996, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

TS Tech: Our 18-Year Story

March 2014 marks 18 years since I founded TS Tech (then known as Todd Schorle Technologies...what can I say? It sounded good as a 16-year-old). As part of our celebration, I'd like to share our story with you, but first I absolutely must thank our loyal clients. I know that a major factor of TS Tech's success has been your loyalty and support. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve and grow with you!

It all started with a kid and his computer. I was given my first computer in 1984, and I instantly fell in love. Soon after, my dad, Bob, actually taught me how to build computers from scratch. Dad was apparently extremely impressed with my progress as a young computer building wizard...until the ant incident. Apparently, to a six-year-old computer tech, memory chips look a lot like ants. One day, I proceeded to strategically squash a few hundred dollars' worth of memory pins. You can imagine my dad's frustration. To this day, I still cringe at the sight of "ants."


My love for computers only grew throughout the remainder of my childhood. My fascination with technology was deepened by the invention of a brand new communication medium called "the Internet." I realized the potential of the Internet early on. It became a tool that would help me hone my skills and communicate with other techies.

In 1996, after building several computers for others, and completing an eye-opening week at PFEW (Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week), I started thinking about the potential of capitalizing on my passion. After drawing up a business plan in class as a sophomore in high school, I started Todd Schorle Technologies. March 1, 1996 saw the generation of my first invoice, and the business was born.


In those days, I mainly focused on consulting services and building computers for friends, family, and fellow church members; however, word of my services quickly spread through the rest of the community. I was called upon for help with Internet services, modems, sound cards, and other new technologies that were becoming popular. Before long, demand for Todd Schorle Technologies was so high that it was necessary for me to hire 8 fellow students to accomplish the work. Within 8 months' time, I had successfully billed $47,000. You can imagine my excitement as an 18-year-old. I ultimately fell in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur, responsible to myself, and the challenge of growing a business.

When I graduated high school, I was faced with a difficult decision: whether to leave home to study and revisit business afterward, or to attend a local college while running the business and attempt to continue the success that I'd experienced the last couple years. Looking back, I definitely don't regret my choice to attend college locally at Penn State Berks in order to keep my business afloat. Upon that decision, Todd Schorle Technologies' hours were expanded, and my team was optimized from 8 part-time employees to 3 full-time employees.


While I was in college, my cousin, Bruce, decided to join the business. He would become an integral part of the team; a fixer and an innovative leader. Around this time, we began marketing to small business owners, and soon broke the $1M gross sales barrier for the first time. The name of the business changed to TS Tech Enterprises Inc., and we opened our first official corporate office space.

TS Tech grew to a staff of 14 and expanded our service area to all of Eastern PA. We brought on an incredibly knowledgeable administrator and a talented team of technicians whose dedication to education earned TS Tech the distinction of Microsoft Gold Certification...a status held by only the top 3% of IT companies worldwide. We received honors for our business practices, including write-ups, speaking engagements, and awards in excellence.


Like most businesses, the Great Recession brought hard times to TS Tech. Faced with many difficult decisions, we were forced to downsize and, in an effort to stay in the game, I started focusing on selling a new kind of IT service that I believed was the future of IT. We moved from the "break-fix" model to a new system of pro-active, flat-rate "managed services." Thankfully, TS Tech benefitted greatly from these choices, and we continued to surge forward in our service to local businesses.

Leading the IT industry's conversion to Managed IT Services in the late 2000s generated media attention for TS Tech, and I became an honorary speaker at select IT learning events across the country. Our innovation and hard work had made a name for TS Tech within the IT industry.

The story will certainly continue, and we look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries, however, we wouldn't be celebrating our 18year mark without the support of our clients. On behalf of our entire team, I thank you, and look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and improve our services with your help.

For information on a special gift that we’re offering our partners in celebration of our anniversary, click here.


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