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Jumpstart your business’s mobile computing and file-sharing.

The modern business world is growing more mobile by the day, and your company’s technology practices must adapt and change with the times. TS Tech’s Bolt Service provides our clients with a powerful hybrid cloud integration solution which allows for dynamic, diverse control over your cloud storage and backup files when it’s needed. Access files anytime, anywhere, regardless of what device or operating system you’re using.

Dynamic File Sharing And Data Backup All Through The Cloud

Never worry about data loss again, while being able to access files whenever you need them, from almost any mobile device.

TS Tech’s Bolt Service transcends the differences between desktops, mobile computing, and operating systems, allowing your team to access files on almost any device. No matter where your business takes you, you can stay connected to the rest of your team. Features include:

  • Continuous backups. Utilizing revision capture, your data is backed up anytime a file is changed, without uploading the entire file to the server. This can also be reverted to a previous version if necessary.
  • File sharing for both internal and external parties. Even guests will be able to upload files to your infrastructure at your discretion, letting your clients share important financial or billing information with you with the click of a button.
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Mac. Whether your devices run Windows or Mac OS, they’ll be compatible with our Bolt Service
  • Universal device access to data. Whether you’re trying to access your institution’s files through your work desktop or mobile phone out in the field, you’ll always be connected to your important files.

Powerful, Enterprise-Level Security

Comprehensive security solutions to keep your data backups safe at all times.

TS Tech’s Bolt Service solution combines features of productivity-enhancing file sharing solutions with the enterprise-level security you expect for your data. Security features included with our Bolt Service include:

  • 256-bit AES encryption. Whether your data is on-the-move or at rest within your server, you can count on it being locked down and protected from outside threats.
  • Ever-changing encryption keys. By using encryption keys which change constantly, your data is kept safe. Even if a hacker manages to obtain a key, it is changed swiftly without incident.
  • Remote-wiping solutions as a last resort. In the event of a worst-case scenario, your data can be wiped from both desktops or mobile devices to protect it from hackers. It can then be restored with our backup solution.

Seize Control of Your Business’s Office Mobility

If your business is ready to step into the next generation of mobile cloud computing, give TS Tech a call at 610-288-0780. We’ll help you take control of your business’s future. Check out the following Bolt use cases that highlight how Bolt is helping businesses become more productive and collaborate better through shared files:

Insurance Firms

Today, most insurance software is already cloud based, so what does a small insurance firm need a server for still? The answer is they don't! TS Tech has worked to assist clients in this vertical eliminate their local server and move their team to a hybrid cloud approach where Bolt connects all users inside and outside the physical building with a shared file solution that protects the data on users laptops while tracking version changes and enabling collaboration between employees.

Financial Firms

Sharing confidential information with your clients is important when you are a financial professional. Bolt Cloud enables financial professionals to provide guest accounts to their clients for the purpose of exchanging information, meaning guests can both upload and download documents without transmitting confidential information through email all while tracking versions and access.

Medical Firms

If you are a private practice medical or dental professional working with other specialists on a case, you probably find you are wasting a great deal of time sending patient records and information back and forth with other specialists. After every appointment old records need to be updated and more information is exchanged, creating a filing, logistic, and security nightmare. Picture yourself using Bolt as a common patient file share between multiple independent offices all treating the same patient. The patient file may contain treatment plans, visit notes, xrays and other relevant information with automatic encryption. Each specialist can post documents to the store and all old files are retained automatically for version control. Any time you need to reference the case, you only have one place to look for all shared information from everyone in the treatment group saving you time and protecting the patients privacy.

CAD & Design

If you have trouble sending and receiving large CAD files through emails, or are concerned with the security of maintaining an FTP server, Bolt cloud was built for you! Bolt enables CAD files to be seamlessly shared between internal and external company resources in the same fashion an FTP server functions, only MUCH easier and more secure. Bolt can be configured to automatically "suck" large files out of your email and embed a link for your recipient to download your file. Bolt contains features to enable companies putting out an RFQ to enable the file only to be available for a limited time, or to notify you how many times it is downloaded.

Remote Employees

Companies with remote users often have a data loss problem when remote employees fail to properly store documents "on the network." Bolt helps resolve this challenge by enabling corporate control to vacuum up documents stored locally on the employees computer in an automated backup. Large files like videos or music can be automatically excluded while Office related documents or spreadsheets can be included. Each time a network connection is detected the workstation phones home to sync changes to documents with the Bolt cloud server.

Road Warriors

If you've ever spend time on an airplane without WiFi, you know how frustrating it can be to have your laptop but not be able to access company data through the VPN. Bolt enables users to access predefined file shares that are 'synced' down to the users laptop so mission critical documents are contained locally. Users are able to work on the document as though they are connected to the network, and when they do connect the document is automatically replicated back to the share.

Wondering if Bolt is for your company? Contact TS Tech today to request a free trial of Bolt for your business!

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