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tstechcloudbackupMost traditional backup systems, such as tape drives and hard disk drives, address one goal: to ensure there is a backup of yesterdays data by creating a copy. Traditional backups of this type rely on human interaction on a daily basis to change the backup drive, or worse, to run the backup. This human factor can put the business at great risk. Take the human factor out of the equation by implementing a fully automated backup and recovery solution from TS Tech with our online cloud recovery service.

Key Features:

encryptionEncryption: 256 bit AES encryption ensures your backup data is safe and compliant with HIPAA and PCI. Data is encrypted locally, in transmission, and at our SAS 70 type II audited data centers.
Say "Cheese!": The TS Tech Cloud Backup is based on snapshot technology that creates an image of your server or computer at a moment in time. This snapshot technology allows us to return your server or computer to the exact way it was at the time of the snapshot, settings, data, everything, even if the physical equipment has changed.
frequentbackupFrequent: Having a backup once per week or even once a day is not enough when lost time and productivity can cost thousands. The TS Tech backup can capture snapshots at multiple points through the day, every hour, or even every fifteen minutes ensuring that if you need to recover, you won't lose critical data.
verifiedbackupVerified: Each day backups reports are collected and analyzed to ensure backups are properly running, data is transferring to the cloud, and your recovery is ready for action. The TS Tech cloud backup solution includes a virtual lab for testing that enables us to "spin up" backups in the cloud, enabling you to see and interact with your backup to know it is working.
rapidrecoverRapid Recovery: In the event of a disaster, TS Tech can spin up your servers in our cloud data center, making recovery possible in hours and giving you immediate access to your data.
automaticbackupAutomatic: Never worry about changing the backup drive again. The TS Tech Cloud Backup solution requires no human interaction from your staff. This reduces the risk of mistakes and frees up your staff to focus on other areas of the business.

Wondering how it works?

The TS Tech Cloud Backup solution places data into two locations, first a fixed local storage repository receives encrypted backup data in incremental backups throughout the day, and second, data is sent off to the cloud automatically each day. In the event of a disaster, TS Tech can recover from the local repository, download your data from the cloud, have your data shipped on overnight delivery, or even boot up your critical servers in the cloud. All backup solutions from TS Tech are managed to ensure your data is easy to recover.

Thinking about planning your recovery?

There are more then a few things to consider when planning a backup solution for your small business. TS Tech offers three levels of our backup service, but don't worry about making a complicated technical decision for your business. We will guide you through our process and help you identify your recovery point objective and your recovery time objective to ensure your business has the right backup solution.

Use the TS Tech backup and recovery assessment to help identify your RPO, RTO and more important questions that will help you plan your recovery. Learn more about planning your recovery and use our online backup planning assessment!

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