Cloud Exchange Email

Your business lives on email. Eliminate local server downtime risks and place your mission critical business email in the TS Tech cloud for maximum up time.

Cloud hosted email guarantees your users are able to receive email on phones, laptops and desktops by moving the Exchange Email server off site to the TS Tech cloud. Eliminate the risk of interruption from down Internet or power lines, server failures and technical issues.

Why Cloud Hosted Exchange?

accessemailAccess Anywhere - Access your email from your mobile device, your laptop, desktop and home computer even if you don't have Outlook installed with Exchange Webmail that includes support for a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and more.

Colaborate Effectively - Share your calendar, free/busy information and delegate tasks across the organization and collaborate more effectively with others outside the organization.

Synchronized Data - Delete or move a message once anywhere you check your email and the changes will automatically synchronize to all your other email access devices.

Dependability - Your email will be there when you need it with our 99.999% up time service level agreement and enterprise-grade security in our world-class datacenters.

Powerful - You might wear ten hats in your small business, but with TS Tech Cloud Hosted Exchange you can give your business the look and feel of an enterprise class email system for a fraction of the cost.

Cloud Exchange Standard Features:

outlookandentourageOutlook / Entourage Access - Use the popular Microsoft Office Outlook or Entourage software already installed on your desktop to access your email.


mobilephoneacessMobile Phone Access - Connect to your email from anywhere from virtually any smartphone or tablet from iPhone and iPad through Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and more.


accessemailAccess Email Anywhere - Access your email anywhere by visiting the online mail center at www.ts-tech.com to login to your Outlook Web Access portal.


enterprise-gradesecurityEnterprise-Grade Security - 99.999% Uptime SLA from Audited SAS 70 type II data centers and remote wipe of mobile devices to keep your business protected.


basicanti-spamBasic Anti-Spam Service - Save time and protect your business with our basic anti-spam and anti-virus email tools


emailbackupEmail Backup - Email data is replicated in real time from one set of hardware to another to ensure your email server is always available. Outlook Backup can enable easy backup and management of your users' email, contacts, calendars and other items within Outlook.

companydisclaimerCompany Disclaimer - Place your custom legal disclaimer policy on all outbound email to ensure your corporate mail policy is sent along with every email.


Cloud Exchange Optional Features:

encryptedsolutionsEncrypted Email Solutions - Encrypt your email delivery for compliance with HIPAA and PCI through the Cloud Exchange Encryption Add On Service from TS Tech.


advancedantispamAdvanced Anti-Spam Solutions - Stop wasting time sorting through junk email and reduce the load on your Internet traffic by eliminating 99% of your spam before it touches your mailbox with the TS Tech Advanced Anti-Spam Cloud Solution.

lyncsecureimLync Secure Instant Messaging - Real time, Outlook integrated, secure, searchable, private and compliant chat solution that can share presence indicators for your users, provide video conferencing, and desktop sharing.

SharePoint 2010- Share documents and Ideas with co-workers and partners and give your business a corporate intranet with advanced document management features like audit tracking, version control, checkin/out, and approval workflows. Learn more about the TS Tech Cloud SharePoint Services.

emailretentionEmail Retention Policies - Setup custom retention policies to restrict mailbox size and force delete older email based on the message age to keep hosted exchange storage costs at a minimum.


emailarchiveEmail Archiving & Compliance - Implement tight email server controls to keep your organization compliant with FRCP amendments. Maintain a central, searchable repository of emails. Monitor for inappropriate language and theft of confidential data. Simplify email discovery and automate the legal hold enforcement with a full audit trail.

publicfolderPublic Folders - Public folders to further manage inbound messages and enhance corporate communication through simple organization features. Example: Create a non-user specific mailbox such as accounting@yourcompany name.com to receive all bills so anyone in the accounts payable department can retrieve and process the inbound mail.

messagemirrorMessage Mirroring - Create a copy of every message, incoming and out going into a separate folder for easy staff monitoring so you can easily monitor and retain key email communications.


micosoftsoftwareMicrosoft Office Software - Get the productivity software tools you need make professional documents, presentations and take your small business to the next level with Microsoft Office Software.

Is the Cloud Hosted Exchange Service Right for me?

The Cloud Hosted Exchange Services from TS Tech will enable your business to focus on business as normal with the power of the cloud.

By eliminating email instabilities that are inherent with hosting your email server at your business, you can get back to work knowing that even if your building is without power or Internet connectivity, your users can still receive and reply to mission critical emails on their mobile devices, laptops, and home computers. Never worry again about complex Microsoft Licensing, server space requirements, backup, or even new version upgrades. By placing your email in the cloud, it's business as usual with dependable, reliable email.

Encrypt Your Email


By adding the Email Encryption Service to your TS Tech Cloud Hosted Exchange Email Solution you protect your clients and patients with automatic email encryption based on keywords. This key service features centralized policies to manage the encryption and will assist your organization in reducing the risk associated with a breach of confidential data..

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Why the Fuss over Encrypting Email?

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This white paper explains the importance of email encryption, as well as the benefits of conducting regular risk assessments and achieving compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and more.

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