Advanced Anti-Spam Services in the Cloud

Add Cloud Hosted Advanced Anti-Spam Services to Stop Junk Mail

Stop wasting time sorting through junk email while reduce the load on your Internet traffic by eliminating 99% of your spam before it touches your mailbox with the TS Tech Advanced Anti-Spam Cloud Solution.

Most spam email goes to your mail server and then to your Internet connection and then to your computer to be sorted by you. This is a time consuming process that also eats up Internet bandwidth. With the average email volume users are dealing with every day, every second counts. The TS Tech Advanced Anti-Spam Service is hosted in the cloud, meaning that inbound messages are filtered before they come to your mailbox. This service saves both time by preventing your users from sorting junk email, and Internet bandwidth by ensuring the junk mail never touches your Internet connection.

Advanced Anti-Spam Protection saves time & money:

99% of Spam is Eliminated - Most spam is easy to identify and the Advanced Anti-Spam service can catch and eliminate 99% of it before it gets to your computer. If it takes an average of 3 seconds to read a spam email, identify it as spam and hit delete, and the average person has ten spam messages a day, the time savings starts to add up and the service quickly pays for itself.

0.0003% False Positive Rate - Every now and then a good message gets flagged as spam, but the advanced anti-spam service makes sure this happens very infrequently. Incorrectly captured messages can easily be retrieved from the control panel and redelivered.

Save Bandwidth - By eliminating the spam before it touches your local server or computer, we preserve your Internet bandwidth. While a single message is small, most companies receive hundreds of messages each day for each user on your email system.

Virus Free - The Advanced Anti-Spam service will scan messages for virus infections to prevent scripts and viruses from sneaking in on your email.

Can Advanced Spam Filtering save me money?

An organization stands to save about $712 per employee per year by implementing an Advanced Spam Filtering Service that eliminates wasted staff time.

ITSecurity.com featured an article entitled "The Real Cost of Spam" that outlined the findings from Nucleus Research Inc. The findings are shocking: manually managing spam costs U.S., businesses more then $71 billion annually in lost productivity-- $712 per employee! The average employee spends 16 seconds reviewing and deleting each spam message. Symantec Corp estimates that 70% of email is spam. This volume of traffic creates a huge traffic burden on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and slows Business Internet connections.

Effectively managing your spam email will cost you a few dollars per user each month and save you an estimated $712 per year in lost staff productivity.

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