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All IT companies sell Backup. TS Tech will deliver recovery.

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of fire engines roaring by and wondered, with a twinge of fear for your office and livelihood, where they are headed? At TS Tech, we think about this sort of thing for you. We understand how dependent businesses are on their data and computer systems. It’s our job to plan to recover your data after a disaster such as fire, flood, theft, and computer crashes. The simple fact is that disasters will occur. Own a computer long enough and you are going to experience a disaster. The key to surviving one lies in the preparations you make beforehand. Data backup systems are essential.

designedrecoverDesigned to Recover: Too often, IT companies focus on "selling" a backup solution. The reality is, a successful recovery starts long before a crash or disaster occurs. Careful planning together with the IT provider and the Business Managers will map out the correct recovery solution. This process will identify your business goals such as your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is critical to ensuring your business can successfully recover.
The best backup is built with you: A backup solution created in the vacuum of the IT department can not account for the needs of the business. TS Tech offers backup consulting that engages the business managers in a discussion about recovery. Our scalable backup & recovery solutions use the same underlying technology as a platform. This platform is then tailored to meet your specific business recovery needs. As your business grows and changes, so shall your recovery needs, and the platform can be adapted.
baremetalBare Metal Restore? No problem: A bare metal restore is an industry term to denote a worst case scenario, when the computer server is no longer booting. Too often, backup solutions only backup key files and miss or exclude settings and configuration data that is critical to completing a fast restore. A "data only" backup of this type is OK because it has your data, but not desirable because it will significantly impact the Recovery Time Objective.

The TS Tech backup solution is built with bare metal restoration in mind. Our backup solution can restore, bare metal to dis-similar hardware. This means that even if the actual computer or server is no longer available due to fire, flood or theft, we can return a snapshot in time to a new computer or server and your experience using the computer or server will be the same.

Key items to know about your backup:

recoverypointRecovery Point Objective (RPO) - The recovery point objective defines the amount of data you are willing to lose when restoring your backup. If you have a recovery point objective of 60 minutes, then the goal of your recovery is to restore your systems after a crash or disaster to a backup that was completed not more then 60 minutes before the crash or disaster.

recoverytimeRecovery Time Objective (RTO) - The recovery time objective defines how quickly you want to be back up and running to normal operation after a crash or disaster. If you have a recovery time objective of 60 minutes, then the goal of your recovery is to restore your systems to normal operation within 60 minutes after the disaster or crash point.

Balancing RPO and RTO - A good disaster recovery plan will define a RPO and RTO for every conceivable situations because it may not be realistic to recover in the same time after a fire compared to recovery after a computer crash. RPO and RTO might also conflict, meaning that it is possible to recover everything for zero loss RPO, but it would mean pushing your RTO out several days or more. On the opposite side, it is conceivable that you can recover quickly, say within minutes to a RPO that was from 24 hours ago.

What is best? - This best backup solution is one that balances the RPO and RTO to get your business back up and running quickly with the minimum acceptable data loss. The smaller the RPO and RTO, the more expensive backup solution.

Practice your fire drills! - Most small businesses have no concept of their RPO and RTO goals, and never have this discussion with their IT provider until it is too late. Even if the IT provider has selected technology to accomplish a reasonable RPO and RTO, there is no guarantee they will have the knowledge, training and staff availability to complete your recovery. Most small businesses don't have the budget to complete backup recovery drills and most IT companies don't practice recovery drills. The TS Tech cloud solution and BDRU solution makes practicing recovery drills easy!

Thinking about planning your recovery?

There are more then a few things to consider when planning a backup solution for your small business.

TS Tech offers three levels of our backup service, but don't worry about making a complicated technical decision for your business. We will guide you through our process and help you identify your recovery point objective and your recovery time objective to ensure your business has the right backup solution.

Use the TS Tech backup and recovery assessment to help identify your RPO, RTO and more important questions that will help you plan your recovery. Learn more about planning your recovery and use our online backup planning assessment!

Scalable Backup and Recovery Solutions from TS Tech:

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TS Tech defines a successful backup recovery as meeting the businesses goals regarding what data needs to be recovered, how quickly the recovery needs to occur, and what functionality is available after recovery..

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