BounceBack BR:Backup & Recovery

This is the simplest data backup plan offered by TS Tech. This solution is great for businesses that don't want to send data to the cloud, or can't use cloud based backup because of limited internet connection speed.  The BounceBack BR Solution includes two backup devices using 256 bit AES encryption, with one of these devices being fireproof and waterproof. It also includes daily backup inspections from our network operations team which will ensure that your backups are successful.

How Does it Work?

Throughout the day, incremental backups, or snapshots, of your servers, are recorded on a network backup device. This is done so that in the event that a file becomes corrupted or deleted accidentally, you can recover it quickly from its last known working version, from that day. Then at night, all of your files are replicated and pushed to a fireproof and waterproof drive. Backup data is stored in transport, at rest as an encrypted file, and each day the TS Tech network management team reviews your backup logs to ensure your backup is running successfully.

Why Choose BounceBack BR?

Our BounceBack BR solution gives you peace of mind when it comes to data recovery and protection. Successful backups at the end of each day will allow you leave your office knowing that your backup drives are properly encrypted and monitored. Recovery from the BounceBack BR solution is a quick process that enables a bootable recovery to dissimilar hardware after transferring the backup files off the backup device, or simply open the backup file to recover individual files making it practicable to easily test your backup. 

How Much Does it Cost?

BounceBack BR is a standard offering from TS Tech that is scaled to fit your custom needs based on the number of servers and the amount of data in your backup set as well as your retention and recovery goals.  To find exactly what your business needs in a backup and recovery solution, fill out our Backup Evaluation form. There is no obligation or commitment, and the best part is, it's free! 

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TS Tech defines a successful backup recovery as meeting the businesses goals regarding what data needs to be recovered, how quickly the recovery needs to occur, and what functionality is available after recovery..

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