BounceBack BDRU: Backup Disaster Recovery Unit

BounceBack BDRU is our most robust data recovery solution. If you are looking for the least amount of downtime following any disaster, this is the plan for your business. Not only is your data stored locally in a stand-by server and online in the cloud (as is the case with our BRO plan), but we can also virtualize your servers, keeping them up-and-running no matter what. Additional benefits with this plan include: 256 bit AES encryption for your data, intra-day snapshots of your servers and workstations, complete management including backup logs that are inspected daily by our network operations team, and test recoveries completed quarterly.

How Does it Work?

BDRU stands for Backup Disaster Recovery Unit.  The "unit" is a stand-by server that retains copies of your key servers in incremental backups throughout the day, and your data is also sent to the cloud automatically at the end of each day. All data is encrypted in transport and at rest.  The BDRU enables your data to be recovered very quickly in a multitude of ways.  Data can be downloaded downloaded from the cloud, physically shipped to you on a recovery drive from the cloud, and recovered from the local BDRU.  In the event you experience a disaster like a fire, flood, or theft of your equipment, an added benefit of the BDRU plan is cloud server virtualization allowing us to boot up your critical servers in the cloud.  During other disasters like a local server crash we can spin up your critical servers locally on the BDRU keeping your business up and running.   

Why Choose BounceBack BDRU?

TS Tech recommends BounceBack BDRU for businesses with mission critical computer operations that if interrupted would cripple company operations.  The BounceBack BDRU service will provide your business with the very best recovery time objective, meaning the quickest possible recovery from a broad range of catastrophic failures including fire, flood, theft, server hardware failures, and more!  

How Much Does it Cost?

BounceBack BDRU is the premier offering from TS Tech and is only available with our Totalcare Technology Management plan.  BounceBack BDRU is a standard solution set, customized to accommodate each businesses needs based on number of mission critical servers, the retention, and recovery goals.  In order to get a BDR plan tailored to your business, please fill out our FREE Backup Evaluation form. Once we know exactly what you need, a member of our team of recovery experts will be in touch to discuss and review the costs associated with achieving your recovery objectives.

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TS Tech defines a successful backup recovery as meeting the businesses goals regarding what data needs to be recovered, how quickly the recovery needs to occur, and what functionality is available after recovery..

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