BounceBack BRO: Backup & Recovery Online

BounceBack BRO is the standard TS Tech backup offering and exceeds our simplest data backup plan (BounceBack BR) by placing data online in with TS Tech cloud storage. This will protect your data against hardware/software failures and any natural disaster. Bounceback BRO backup data is encrypted in transport and at rest with 256 bit AES encryption and the service includes daily inspections of your backup logs by our network operations team to ensure that your backups are successful. 

How Does it Work?

With BounceBack BRO, your encrypted backup data is placed into multiple locations--A fixed, local storage repository that takes incremental backups throughout the day, and the cloud, where your data is automatically sent at the end of each workday. When disaster hits, we have the resources to recover your data from the local storage unit, download your data from the cloud, and/or have your data shipped to your facility.

Why Choose BounceBack BRO?

The question you need to ask yourself is: "How quickly do I need to recover in the event of a fire or catastrophic building problem?"  BounceBack BRO is enables a faster recovery time objective (over BounceBack BR) because you can recover backup data from the cloud even if your physical building is in ruins.  Recovery from the BounceBack BRO solution is a quick process that enables a bootable recovery to dissimilar hardware after transferring the backup files off the backup device, or the backup file can simply be opened to extract individual files either locally or from the cloud making it practicable to easily test your backup.  All Bounceback solutions are scalable and its easy to grow as your business recovery needs increase.  

How much Does it Cost?

BounceBack BRO is the preferred offering from TS Tech but we scale the solution to fit your custom needs based on the number of servers (and optional workstations) and the amount of data in your backup set as well as your retention and recovery goals.  To find exactly what your business needs in a backup and recovery solution fill out our FREE Backup Evaluation. This evaluation will help identify the state of your current backup and will give you a clearer sense of the custom safeguards that can be implemented for your business.

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TS Tech defines a successful backup recovery as meeting the businesses goals regarding what data needs to be recovered, how quickly the recovery needs to occur, and what functionality is available after recovery..

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