TS Tech provides consulting advice and procurement services for hardware and software.

Our preferred vendors include:


Why Purchase Equipment from TS TECH?

Big box retailers, online websites, even manufactures and vendors all sell equipment. TS Tech provides a complete solution that includes the equipment and services custom designed with your needs in mind. All equipment purchased from TS Tech includes 30 days of post-installation telephone support and is covered by our satisfaction guarantee!

  • All Computer Workstations, Laptops, Servers and Firewalls ordered from TS Tech undergo our comprehensive configuration process where our team will boot up and test the equipment to ensure it is working properly and document the equipment in our asset management database. Every item in this category will receive a TS Tech barcode to track the equipment service needs and related tickets in the future.
  • Computer Workstations and Laptops will be optimized to the TS Tech standard. We will remove pre-installed "freeware" and "junkware" that can slow a computer. Every system is updated with the most recent drivers, Windows Updates, Java, Flash, Adobe and other common software prior to delivery.
  • TS Tech will create estimates that outline the specific parts we will be using and a detailed scope of work for your project. We guarantee this price as an estimate for 30 days. Once approved, we cement the equipment pricing to protect you from vendor pricing changes. Finally, we also cement the labor costs. If a project takes more time then we estimate, there is no additional cost to you, and if we failed to identify the proper equipment you require, we are responsible for the return and exchange. .
  • Small businesses buy computer equipment from TS TECH to avoid the headache of tracking shipments and dealing with shipping problems such as products that arrive damaged or non-functional.

If you are interested in purchasing hardware or software for your business, please contact TS Tech and someone from our team will be within touch in 24 hours to discuss your equipment needs.

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