Network Security Solutions

TS Tech keeps your data safe and your network secure with firewall management, antivirus software, anti-spam filtering, encrypted wireless, and critical updates and patches.

Congratulations, You have a small business! Even though it may not seem like your data is worth anything, you now have a target on your back and a legal obligation to protect private information. The Network Security Services TS Tech provides are designed to help safeguard your network against internal and external threats such as email phishing scams, malicious websites, dangerous software code, port scans, denial of service attacks, software exploits and disgruntled employees.

TS Tech Security Solutions are designed to protect your small business through a multi-layered approach to security that includes:

TS Tech Security Solutions:

firewallmgntFirewall Management - Firewall software updates and security renewals are handled by TS Tech. Logs are collected, reviewed and reports delivered to your email.


antivirusmngmtAntivirus Management - Antivirus software is centrally managed to reduce bandwidth on your local server. Software updates and license renewals are automatically handled by TS Tech.


antivirussoftwareAntivirus Software - Each workstation and server will receive locally installed and cloud managed antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware software to protect you against any threats.


antispamAnti-Spam Filtering - Stop phishing scams and malicious emails. Reclaiming time you formerly wasted sorting through junkmail.


securewirelessSecure Wireless - Offer secure wireless access to your employees and guests on independent networks with confidence that you are not exposing your network.


updatepatchesUpdates & Patches - Receive regular patch deployment from Microsoft, Adobe, Java and more as well as critical patch deployment to protect you against malicious software attacks.



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