Supplementing Existing IT Departments with IT Outsourcing Solutions

Do you want to outsource day-to-day IT support freeing up your internal staff time for larger projects? IT is what we do best, and TS Tech can supplement your IT Department!

At TS Tech, we have a full range of IT solutions and support services that we can tailor to match the specific needs of your in-house IT support department.

Is your internal team of IT pro's able to handle all the day to day support needs plus be available for special projects? Is your organization prepared to operate with IT staff on sick leave, or vacation, or in the event of an unexpected staffing turnover? Is your organization's IT team equipped with the proper certifications and skills to address every situation they may encounter? If the team is properly certified and skilled, is it the highest and best use of their time to handle level one help desk calls? Do you have limited human resources but need IT support in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tampa all on the same day for a big stand-up?

Select TS Tech as your IT partner and you are selecting a team of IT professionals recognized as best in class for the IT Industry. TS Tech is a Microsoft Certified Partner placing us in the top 5% of all Microsoft Partners. Symantec, Storagecraft and SonicWall have all featured TS Tech in case studies outlining our ability to properly and effectively use their tools. Enable your IT department to focus on strategic business goals and help them eliminate the hamster wheel effect by empowering them with proper tools and supplemental IT services from TS Tech. Key features included in the TS Tech IT supplement service are:

We can provide any or all of the following IT Solutions:

First line IT help desk support for users

Second or third line technical support

Nationwide on-site technical service dispatch

Monitoring and alerting on servers, workstations, printers, firewalls and more

Mobile Phone and Laptop tracking and monitoring

Full security management

Server management

Microsoft Exchange email management

Key Features we bundle to make your IT department more successful:

Online Management Portal - Portal access to a custom website where your IT Department and TS Tech can exchange information.

Service Ticketing System - Access and log time in our ticketing system creating a change log as you work and providing documentation about the network along the way. Our ticketing system features automatic email updates to users as work is completed and rich reporting to show management where IT time is spent. The ticketing system is also a great way to transparently build the relationship between TS Tech and your internal IT department. As users enter tickets, they can be assigned seamlessly between different levels of your support and our team.

Technology Project Planning Templates - Detailed project plans enable you to build out complex technology projects and timelines with tickets, scope of work and granular tasks to be assigned to specific resources and time, equipment, and budget reporting.

Active Directory User Management - Integrate your active directory to sync users to our database so we can provide support only to authorized users. Each ticket is assigned to specific users for tracking and follow up, meaning your non-technical users will be able to track their questions and support resolutions on our web portal.

Best Practices - The TS Tech best practices and vendor relationships enable your IT department to gain insight from our experience. Our close connections with major industry vendors allow us to help your internal IT department solve problems quickly and get support when needed.

Vacation Coverage - Never be without IT support again! Small IT Departments can scale for big projects or receive coverage for illness or vacations with the TS Tech team supplementing your internal IT department.

Is the TS Tech Supplemental IT Department Right for My Business?

We operate a professional IT Services help desk, all calls are registered in our help desk support system as a ticket. By empowering your internal IT team to generate tickets, track time, and share this information, we create a seamless connection between your internal IT department and TS Tech.

This service is ideal for businesses with 50 to 250 users who are looking to increase the strategic value and productivity of the internal IT team by eliminating repetitive technical issues, time restrictions, and staffing challenges that impact the modern IT department. TS Tech can provide any or all of the services outlined to supplement your internal IT team, enabling them to work on projects that drive more strategic value to the businesses bottom line. In the event your internal IT department is short staffed due to illness, vacation, or sudden departure, TS Tech can bridge the gap and provide a continuity of knowledge and service.

Ready to Select TS Tech as your Information Technology Partner? The process to get started in our Supplemental IT Service is easy.

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