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Make your IT Costs Predictable and to Avoid Hassle!

TS Tech knows how to manage technology, and we bring value to our clients by handling the hassle associated with small business technology challenges. We implement standards, identify and eliminate soft technology costs, we own the network and any problems, reduce and eliminate downtime, act as a technology concierge, and we thereby reduce your business risk, while increasing employee productivity.

With TS TECH You Can Expect To:

Increase productivity – With IT support that keeps your business up and running.

Capitalize on opportunities – We take technology concerns off the table.

Experience predictable costs – Budget technology service, maintenance and refresh costs

Keep all you've worked for safe – As we defend your network and data with world class security and backup solutions.

TS Tech provides your business with services to manage your technology so you can focus on your business.

Flexible plans to grow with your business.

Ideally, TS Tech would like to see every business join the TotalCare Technology Management plan. It is our primary offering, but trusting your entire network to an outsourced provider requires trust. To build trust and to offer an on boarding process that allows small businesses to come to our service and experience our value, TS Tech offers multiple levels of our service. Each level incorporates the same quality, technology standards and professional service team to support your business. There are only two differences in the levels of plans:

  • Speed of Service: On each plan we define a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA). TS Tech believes that plans which entrust the most to TS Tech deserve the fastest response times. The lower the SLA Level, the faster the service.
  • How you pay for service: At our primary offering, TotalCare, all management and maintenance services, and many software (SAAS) and hardware (HAAS) items are included in a fixed, predictable monthly fee. If selecting a plan other then TotalCare, you are electing to self manage the risk associated with support costs.

monitoringTechnology Monitoring Service: The TS Tech Technology Monitoring Service enables TS Tech to watch your network and collect valuable information about problems your technology may be experiencing. With this data, TS Tech is able to triage and respond to problems while they are small and easily repairable and before the problem turns critical and a failure occurs. With this plan, TS Tech provides a Level 5 SLA, automated software tools, monthly reporting on the health of your equipment, firewall software, antivirus software, backup software, and access to our support staff for time & materails support. For more information and a complete listing of services, visit the Technology Monitoring Service Overview.
vitaltechnologyVital Technology Service: The TS Tech Vital Technology Service includes all the features of our technology monitoring service, and adds critical proactive services including time to address items like backups, firewalls, antivirus and server updates. With this plan, TS Tech provides a Level 4 SLA, and a dedicated Account Manager. For more information and a complete listing of services, visit the Vital Technology Service Overview.
ITHelpdeskIT Helpdesk Management: The TS Tech IT Helpdesk Management program includes all benefits from the Vital program and adds the benefit of an all inclusive Helpdesk Support team. All maintenance and support service for covered equipment that TS Tech can complete remotely from our service center is included in the monthly fee at no additional charge. This plan includes faster service with a Level 3 SLA. For more information including a detailed list of included services, please visit the IT Helpdesk Management Overview.
totalcareTotalCare Technology Management Solution: The TS Tech TotalCare Technology Management Solution includes all benefits from the IT Helpdesk Management Plan. We also add to this plan unlimited travel and onsite services for maintenance and support of covered equipment. This plan includes fast service with our Level 2 SLA. For more information including a detailed list of included services, please visit the TotalCare Technology Management Solution Overview

All IT Services from TS Tech are backed by our client satisfaction guarantee!

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TS Tech defines a successful backup recovery as meeting the businesses goals regarding what data needs to be recovered, how quickly the recovery needs to occur, and what functionality is available after recovery..

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