Totalcare Technology Management Solution

Our TotalCare IT Management Solution will enable you to focus on your business and allow us to handle your IT support needs with a flat-rate monthly cost. We manage your firewall and antivirus security, check and verify that your backup is protecting your data, support your users with concierge like service when they need tech support, and deliver critical patches and proactive measures to keep your employees productive and error-free. Our virtual CIO services are also included to help you evaluate and select third party-related technology services for your business from software vendors to phone systems to internet connectivity. Totalcare IT Management provides provide small to medium-sized businesses like yours with the same experience as having a fully staffed, dedicated internal IT department, but without the huge expense.

Technical Solutions to Business Problems

As a business owner, there is nothing more exciting in your business then hiring someone to take work off your plate and seeing that person 'grab the ball and run' with a problem so you can refocus on the next level of business growth.   This is TotalCare.  TS Tech will provide a complete set of standards, meaning we come to the table with predefined technology best practices and solutions to business problems.  By conforming your network to our standards we are able to effectively manage your business and assist you in controlling risks.  TotalCare includes best practices, technology standards, documented training and written business policy guides we use to govern technology use thereby helping your business shortcut painful technology growth lessons.    

Information Technology today is your biggest hurdle, IT keeps you awake at night.  Information Technology Management is what we do best, enabling you to focus on your business, turning IT into a competitive advantage for you!  

Aligned Goals

TotalCare from TS Tech is exactly what it sounds, a complete and total solution to managing your IT environment for a fixed monthly fee that aligns our goals.  What do we mean by aligned goals?    By charging a predictable fee for the solution instead of 'by the hour,' TS Tech is incentivized to keep your network secure and protected because if you experience downtime or need more service because you are having problems, you don't get billed more.  We fix problems correctly the first time and we ensure that users are not experiencing problems due to neglected maintenance.   

Why choose TS Tech's TotalCare Technology Management Solution?

Selecting TS Tech as your IT partner and you are selecting a team of IT professionals recognized as best in class for the IT Industry.  TS Tech is a Microsoft Certified Partner placing us in the top 5% of all Microsoft Partners. Symantec, Storagecraft and SonicWall have all featured TS Tech in case studies outlining our ability to properly and effectively use their tools. At the heart of the TS Tech TotalCare Technology Management Solution is, Heart! We believe you deserve a stellar client experience each time you engage our service and your people will enjoy working with our caring and professional IT concierge service team each time they contact TS Tech.

This service is ideal for businesses with 10-100 users who are looking to increase employee productivity by eliminating technical challenges and support issues. We keep watch on critical areas of your business technology and build a relationship between your users and the TS Tech team. When you need help, our team knows your network, your users, your needs, your business, and how to best and most effectively respond to your needs.

What's Included?

We include maintenance and service for everything in your current IT environment and even throw in small services for new equipment, though larger 'move/add/change' projects are outside scope. Every TotalCare client receives a Sonicwall Firewall, TS Tech Antivirus, BounceBack BRO/BDRU Backup and more.  Each tab below reflects an overview of included services. Request an assessment today to see what Totalcare includes for your business!

IT Management

Network Monitoring – Server & workstation network monitoring to detect problems while they are small and easy to repair.

Proactive Maintenance & Monthly Network Tune Up - Planned services that are designed to keep your network running healthy,secure and fast.

Patch Management - Windows Updates and critical security patches automatically installed and deployed to your network.

Backup Management - TS Tech will monitor your BounceBack backup to ensure effective backup safeguarding your data.

Web Domain Name Management - TS Tech will monitor your website, domain names and manage DNS records to route traffic and ensure you know when domain name renewals are due.

Asset Tracking & Equipment Inventory – TS Tech will keep tabs on your computer equipment with serial number tracking and bar code labels. Our equipment inventory report is a detailed listing of all your business technology assets.

Warranty Expiration Notices – Service to track and manage vendor warranty programs to ensure you have the option to extend or replace warranty service on aging equipment.


Online Management Portal – Portal access to your technology ticketing system, invoices, reports, projects plans, time narratives, estimates and user management.

Ticket Time Narratives – Detailed time entries for work completed and solutions identified in a search-able ticketing and invoice system enabling accountability and transparency.

Firewall Reporting – Identify who is accessing the Internet, what sites they are browsing and how much work time is being spent surfing online.

Backup Reporting – Sleep better at night knowing your backup is ready & prepared to recover your data with daily, weekly or monthly backup summary reports.

Hundreds of additional reports - TS Tech can produce hundreds of reports on any delivery schedule you choose to provide insight to your technology.

Network Security

Antivirus Management & Endpoint Software – TS Tech Endpoint Antivirus Protection software and a cloud hosted management server protects your workstations and servers from virus infection.

Web Content Filtering & Protection – Our Internet access and acceptable use policy will protect your network by recording and blocking unauthorized web traffic freeing up bandwidth. Help protect your business from liability by eliminating users abusing the Internet.

Firewall Management & Software Updates – Ensure your business is protected against the latest threats with our SonicWall comprehensive gateway security program and enjoy management of your SonicWall Firewalls and wireless access points from the TS Tech network operations center (noc.)

Remote Access Management – Keep tabs on who is accessing your network.  TS Tech will grant and remove user remote access based on defined permissions.

IT Support

Live Chat Support - All inclusive, unlimited Microsoft Certified IT Professionals are standing by to assist your users in real time online chat from our website.

Help Desk Support – All inclusive, unlimited US based help desk operators are Microsoft Certified IT Professionals who can speak with, and remotely assist your users with normal support questions.

Hands On Support – The TotalCare Hands On component provides all inclusive, unlimited on-site and bench work requiring a physical presence to identify, service and resolve your technical issues.

Free Travel - No travel costs for on site visits.

Easy to Budget - Unlimited services plans can include unlimited remote or unlimited remote and hands on support in an easy to budget fixed monthly fee.

IT Compliance

Firewall Logs – Log & Report on external attacks to your network.

User Access Tracking – Logs & Report on user VPN remote access.

Encrypted BounceBack Backups – 256 bit encryption protecting your backup data.

Password Management – Protect your network with strong password policies.

Access Auditing – Audit our access and changes to your network with our ticketing system and credential management tools.

Business Productivity

Website Hosting – Professional Website Hosting including Windows or Linux, SQL or MySQL, and Wordpress or Joomla.

Email – Business email at yourdomain.com hosted on TS Tech's cloud servers.

Spam Filtering - Advanced spam filtering to prevent time consuming and dangerous spam and fishing emails.

Vendor Management – TS Tech will work on behalf of your users to contact other vendors when their products touch your network to provide accountability and stability for your technology needs.

Remote Access – TS Tech's remote access solutions to keep your users productive even when they can't be at their desk.

What will TotalCare Technology Management cost?

Because all businesses are different, we need to evaluate your current IT to determine the risk of managing your specific business.  We look at things like the number of servers, workstations and employees. In most cases, Totalcare from TS Tech is significantly less then hiring a qualified in-house technician (or part time contractor), buying software, firewalls, coud backup and developing your own best practices to manage everything internally. We accomplish this "better quality and less expensive" challenge by being very efficient and continually investing in tools, training and people to be the best at what we do.  Finding your cost for Totalcare all starts by filling out our Free IT Consultation form. Our consultations are free so that you can experience what it means to partner with TS Tech, and get to know our team of professionals.

All IT Services from TS Tech are backed by our client satisfaction guarantee!

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