Vital Technology Services

Client Directed IT Support with Vital Technology Service from TS Tech

Protect your Small Business with mission critical IT services on a budget!

Our Vital Technology Service bundles key elements of network monitoring solution in with proactive time to create a plan that provides essential coverage. This hybrid program enables you to select TS Tech as your IT partner and receive the same expert technology advice and management services for a low monthly fee, plus we provide access to our helpdesk and field support engineers under your retainer. Included in the TS Tech Vital Technology Service are:

Proactive Services:

Network Monitoring - Server & workstation network monitoring to detect problems while they are small and easy to repair.

Patch Management - Windows Updates and critical security patches automatically installed and deployed to your network.

Backup Management - TS Tech will monitor your backup and ensure your backup is effectively safeguarding your data.

Asset Tracking & Equipment Inventory - TS Tech will keep tabs on your computer equipment with serial number tracking and bar code labels. Our equipment inventory report is a detailed listing of all your business technology assets.

Warranty Expiration Notices - Service to track and manage vendor warranty programs. Ensure you know when equipment warranties will expire so you have the option to extend warranties or a plan to replace aging equipment.

Technology Transparency:

Online Management Portal - Portal access to your technology ticketing system, invoices, reports, project plans, time narratives, estimates and user management.

Ticket Time Narratives - Detailed time entries for work completed and solutions identified in a search-able ticketing and invoice system enabling accountability and transparency.

Firewall Reporting - Identify who is accessing the Internet, what sites they are browsing and how much work time is being spent surfing online.

Backup Reporting - Sleep better at night knowing your backup is ready & prepared to recover your data with daily, weekly or monthly backup summary reports.

Network Security:

Antivirus Management & Endpoint Software- Symantec Endpoint Protection software and a cloud hosted SEPM server protects your workstations and servers from virus infection.

Web Content Filtering & Protection - Our Internet access and acceptable use policy will protect your network by recording and blocking unauthorized web traffic freeing up bandwidth. Help protect your business from liability by eliminating users abusing the Internet.

Firewall Management & Software Updates - Ensure your business is protected against the latest threats with our SonicWALL comprehensive gateway security program and enjoy management of your SonicWALL Firewalls and wireless access points from the TS Tech network operations center (noc.)

Technical Support Services:

Support Services Available - The Vital IT Services Plan from TS Tech provides you a partner who knows your network and we can provide support when you need it. Travel, remote Helpdesk and Hands-On support Services are billed by the hour under the Vital Plan. Proactive helpdesk services for updates, backup monitoring and network monitoing are included.

SLA - Vital IT Service means getting help within a reasonable amount of time. TS Tech guarantees service to Vital IT Service members under our Level 4 SLA. This means that your business is a priority and we will respond in a timly fashion to your requests!

Regulatory Compliance Solutions:

Firewall Logs- Log & Report on external attacks to your network.

User Access Tracking - Logs & Report on user VPN remote access .

Encrypted Backups - 256 bit encryption protecting your backup data.

Password Management - Protect your network with strong password policies.

Access Auditing - Audit our access and changes to your network with our ticketing system and credential management tools.

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