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There are 4 Things You Should Absolutely Demand From Your Technology Consulting Firm...

TS Tech is Wyomissing Pennsylvania's IT Service Department. Our Experience, Customer Service, and Our Ability To Deliver Technology Solutions That Work EXACTLY The Way You Want Enables TS Tech to Provide the Best Satisfaction Guarantee Around.

Accurate Estimates With Final Invoices That Match The Estimate.
Most business engagements start with an estimate, a quote or a proposal that outline the service and products you are agreeing to purchase. All too often businesses are surprised to find the final bill is drastically higher than the original estimate. This often occurs in the technology field because IT sales people do not invest the time to fully understand the business needs and research the ever changing technology solutions to pair and develop an accurate deliverables list and a solid scope of work. TS Tech provides solutions to business problems, not a list of parts and hours of time. We are proud to sell fixed price projects. We guarantee that any solution we recommend will be completed within the labor costs we estimate.

Service Completed Correctly, The First Time & On Time.
Ever hire a contractor who has told you he will be onsite Monday only to have Monday come and pass without sight of Mr. Contractor? Worse still would be for him to show up and complete a sub-standard job because he was rushing. Sadly, this problem affects the computer industry too. Many computer shops sell time by the hour and have little or no understanding of your business. There are only so many hours in a single day, and shops that sell hours want to grab as much work as they can, meaning you have to wait. We know that you are running a business and that time is money. TS Tech delivers a Guaranteed Service Level & Response Time. Our team of certified professionals know the importance of completing the service correctly the first time, and we guarantee it.
Support After The Sale.
When you buy a major piece of technology equipment, it is unlikely you will be able to completely test it out the first day when a technician is onsite to configure the equipment. It is so important that your technology vendor provide service after the sale at no additional cost to you. TS Tech backs every technology project we sell with 30 days of free support. This is our way of saying Thank you, and ensuring we have totally and completely met your objective.

Proof They Can Deliver What They Promise.
In a world of “act now” and “limited time” promotions, there is a lot of pressure to buy fast and lock in deals. We believe, however, that the best relationship is a long term win-win partnership. Any IT partner you consider should be able to deliver testimonials and references to back everything they are recommending. TS Tech is thrilled to show our testimonials and references, but we also go one step further: We believe the best way to find out that you will be a happy TS Tech client is to let you become a client without a lot of risk to you. We have many free trial and evaluation programs so you experience our service before you ever spend a dime, and we will give you three full months to try our support plan and if you are not totally and completely satisfied, we will tear up the agreement.


  • No surprise invoices. You are going to know about and approve every charge before there is ever an invoice, or it's free.
  • Right, the first time. Work will be completed correctly the first time, or will fix it for free.
  • Clear, confirmed scope. We will clearly define all aspects of a project scope and the costs ahead of a project
  • You are going to be happy, and we will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.


Our 10 Benefits

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This whitepaper will evaluate the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern managed IT practices and the pros and cons of both in regards to small and medium-sized businesses.

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The Modern Office


The ModernOffice Suite was formed with one mission in mind - innovation. The ModernOffice is a ground-up collaboration between what we feel are the best solutions on the market for IT solution providers (ConnectWise, LabTech and Quosal). But, our job doesn’t end with offering individual solutions. Our partners deserve better than that. We want to bring true innovation and ignite a renaissance within the technology industry. (Desktop Use Only!)

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